Super: Broly are numbered and there are quite notable absences

11 January 2019 UK News World News

Watch Dragon Ball Super Broly Online  The most interesting thing about the film is the possibility that Broly will become one of the protagonists of Dragon Ball Super, if the anime continues. If you took this character back after so long, it’s obvious that neither Toei Animation nor Akira Toriyama will waste it. Let’s be clear: he is not a villain, he is a new protagonist.And speaking of the great protagonists of the film, we can not fail to mention the fanservice . Since Broly was chosen as the star, it was evident that the movie would be full of things that fans love to see: battles, transformations, old characters and power ups (soon, being a God of Destruction will not mean anything in the series). . Sometimes it is appreciated, but at other times it seems forced. That is, several old characters return in this film, but only in short scenes and of little relevance to the plot, as if they had to include them only to increase the nostalgia and the emotions of the viewer when seeing them. And well, it goes without saying that they achieve it almost in its entirety.The characters that appear throughout Dragon Ball Super: Broly are numbered and there are quite notable absences. However, this only shows that the series could continue without them and that, although in the past they were very important for the show, now they are not.They wanted fights? Then Dragon Ball Super: Broly has them and with what level. The film presents / displays a great battle, which includes around half of its duration, and this one, as well, is divided in several fights in which Broly faces several complicated rivals for him and its rising power.