Jason Pimm

Jason has been with the station since… well he just arrived one day and never went away and we love him for that. He looks after all of the admin stuff, like scripts, Lowdown information and our employment feature “Just The Job” Jason also does all of our training too, so if you ever wanted to learn how to control a radio studio, The Pimster is your man! He’s also a jolly nice bloke.

Likes: Cider (he’s a proper Somerset Lad) Fruit Cider (to mix things up a bit) playing his guitar and, well Cider.

Hates: Running out of Cider, food shopping and people who pick scabs.

Email Jason

Hey, they asked me to write something personal here, so im a 32 waist, 38 chest and I always wear cotton briefs… oh, not that personal? Well I love working with the team at Sedgemoor FM, its been a real learning curve for me and a really rewarding one at that. Can’t wait to see what happens next!

Jason Pimm,