Dragon Ball Super: Broly was conceived in the mind of Akira Toriyama

12 January 2019 UK News World News

Watch Dragon Ball Super Broly Online After almost a month of exhibitions in the cinemas of Japan -and with several records in tow-, Dragon Ball Super: Broly arrives in our region accompanied by the Latin American dubbing and the actors of voices that for so many years have given life to the protagonists of the series, creating a film that becomes a gift for all fans of the franchise.Dragon Ball Super: Broly was conceived in the mind of Akira Toriyama. The mangaka took advantage of the popularity of Broly to rewrite its history and integrate it into the official chronology of the series, which is why it delivered material for more than three hours of film, as well as storyboards and character designs. The one chosen by Toei Animation to take over as director was Tatsuya Nagamine, who worked together with Naohiro Shintani, in charge of supervising the animation. The director Nagamine reduced the material delivered by Toriyama in a 100 minute film full of action and fanservice , which is seasoned with several moments of comedy, so classic in Dragon Ball.