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Bridgwater Talking News is still providing its weekly service of audio recordings of the local newspapers for the blind and partially sighted during the pandemic. Although they normally distribute recordings by post on USB sticks because of the current restrictions, the weekly recordings are available on their website at www.bridgwatertalkingnews.org.uk   – via Amazon’s Alexa, ‘Play my talking […]

From Monday 1 June, all 16 recycling sites will be returning to standard summer opening hours. Opening hours information will be updated on the Somerset Waste Partnership website from Monday morning. For more information, see the attached press release and for the detail of which sites will be open when, please check the attached timetable. […]

Between the 25th and 26th May in Fordgate an electric fence has been broken and a 14 hand chestnut pony stolen. The animal is freeze marked, 23 years old but wasn’t wearing a rug or collar. Anyone with Information is urged to call 101 quoting 5220113513

Sports fans across the town can rejoyce as Bridgwater’s tennis club has begun play again. Now that the government is allowing more forms of outdoor exercise with one person outside of the household. Singles matches at the centre off Notaro Way can resume. They’re only allowing two people per court at the moment following guidance […]

Somerset county council are urging the care community to keep up the good work and be “good neighbours” for residents continuing to shield as some coronavirus restrictions start to ease.  People who are shielding because of their age, or underlaying health conditions have received further government advice they need to stay at home and avoid […]

Stay Alert, Control the Virus, Save Lives Sedgemoor District Council is asking anyone who is considering visiting Sedgemoor’s beaches or beauty spots to be think carefully about their planned trip and to considerate to our communities.  The main message is that we love to see you, but just not now: there are very few facilities […]

A farm in East Huntspill has be targeted by thieves who cut through gates to search outbuildings before steeling a valuable Husqvarna ride on mower. The expensive piece of equipment has a black box on the back with petrol tank.  All information please to 101 quote 5220109103

The developer of the old Royal Ordnance Site near Bridgwater says its offer to build a vaccine manufacturing facility on the site has been turned down by the government. The team behind the Gravity development says the government isn’t being ambitious enough when it comes to vaccine manufacturing, and is limiting itself by committing to […]

Sedgemoor district council are reminding residents that despite the relaxation in the amount of time people can spend in the open air and exercising, play areas, playgrounds and open air gyms are not open.  There have been reports of children using the equipment in various places including Manor gardens in Burnham and Apex park in […]

Wednesday 20th May 2020 is “Thank A Teacher Day” and we’re saying thank you on your behalf to teachers all over Sedgemoor. We’ll be reading out messages all day on Wednesday, thanking teachers, educators, assessors, support staff and anyone who works in a nursery, pre-school, school, college or university or who has a role teaching […]

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